Thomas Curran's Will


The concluding stage of the Curran will
suit was reached last Thursday in the London
Probate Court before the President and a
special jury.

The suit was brought to test the validity of
a will dated 30th June, 1905, of the late
Mr. Thomas Curran, formerly Nationalist
M.P. for South Sligo. The will was pro-
pounded by his youngest son, Mr. George
Patrick Curran. Under the will he and his
sister Miss Frances Curran, were the princi-
pal beneficiaries.

The will was opposed by the testator's eldest
son, Mr. T. B. Curran, formerly M.P. for
Kilkenny, and his brother, Mr. James Austin
Curran, who alleged that testator was of
unsound mind, and Mr. T. B. Curran alleged
undue influences on the part of Mrs. Mary
Curran, deceased's wife, now dead.

Alternatively, the defendant, Mr. James
Austin Curran, propounded a will of 1902.

The whole of the morning was taken up with
the address of Mr. David, K.C., for defend-
ants; and Mr Hume Williams, K.C., then
addressed the jury for the plaintiff in reply.

The jury found that the will in dispute was
duly executed, that the testator was of sound
mind, and that there had been no undue in-

The President pronounced for the will of

Source: Irish Times Saturday July 17th, Page 3

Transcribed: 20/03/2008