Charles M. Boyle - Ramsey County Surveyor 1863 - 1876

Michael Murphy, the retired Chief Surveyor (City Surveyor) for the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota has forwarded the following information about Charles M. Boyle's political career in St. Paul. Thanks Michael!

On November 6th, 1860 Mr. Boyle, a Democrat, ran against D. L. Curtice, a Republican, for Ramsey County Surveyor. Mr Curtice defeated Mr. Boyle.

The St. Paul City election held on April 7th, 1863, pitted Mr. Boyle, representing the Democratic Party, against G. A. Johnson, representing the Union party. Mr. Boyle defeated Mr. Johnson.

The residents re-elected Mr. Boyle as Surveyor of St. Paul during the city election held in the spring of 1866. Mr. Boyle held this office until 1869. He was the 8th City Surveyor elected since 1854.

Mr. Boyle was elected Ramsey County Surveyor during the November election of 1871.

On November 4th, 1873, Mr. Boyle was again elected as Ramsey County Surveyor.

Mr. Boyle was the Ramsey County Surveyor from 1872-1876 (he returned to Ireland in 1876). St. Paul is in Ramsey County.


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