Alumni Dublinenses

Alumni Dublinenses

A register of the Students, Graduates, Professors and Provosts of Trinity College in the University of Dublin, 1593 - 1860

Edited by the late George Dames Burtchaell M.A., K.C., M.R.I.A.
(Sometime Deputy Ulster King of Arms)
and Thomas Ulick Sadlier, M.A., M.R.I.A.
New Edition (with Supplement)

Dublin Alex. Thom & Co. Ltd., 2 Crown Street, 1935

Some notes taken from the introduction:
Names between 1593 and 1637 were supplied by Burtchaell (since no registers existed for that period) from "Patent Rolls, Ecclesiastical Visitations, Fiants of Elizabeth and James I., Calendars of State Papers, lists of Wards, Chancery and Exchequer Inquisition, Funeral entries, and the Particular Book, as the earliest record of College Accounts is denominated."

Serious gaps exist in the Registers for later years including 1688, 1711, 1770, 1803 and 1824

Original entries in Registers were in Latin which have been translated into English for the most part. This can lead to errors since some Latin first names may be translated into English in more than one way. In many cases the middle name was not translated but rather the middle initial of the original Latin name is given. Occupations of fathers are given in Latin.

Most students entered college as Pensioners. In other words, they paid a fixed sum annually. The other two categories were: Sizar and Fellow Commoners (Socii Comitates). Sizars were "allowed free education in consideration of performing certain, at one time menial, duties"; Fellow Commoners paid double fees and enjoyed several privileges, including that of finishing the College course in three years instead of four.

"Sizars were sons of poor parents, frequently the clergy"

"The name of the school, or more frequently the Schoolmaster, which is given in parentheses in each entry, is an item of importance. It is rarely omitted , and even where other details are wanting, it frequently enables one to fix the student's identity."

Between 1669 and 1770 the academic year started on 9th July. The age given was frequently the age at next birthday since the "Annum Agens" format of giving ages was commonly used.

The book is made up of a number of sections. The main section contains the details of all the Graduates, Professors and Provosts. Appendix A is described as "Manuscript Volume Relating to the Admission of Students in the Registrar's Office, Trinity College Dublin". It includes entries taken from Entrance Registers, Examination Books, Metriculation Books, Stamp Duty Books and Draft Entrance Books for the period 1637 to 1852. There are also sections listing the names of Schools/Schoolmasters mentioned in the records (but unfortunately not for the periods we are interested in). Another section lists the Latin names for occupations and their English equivalent. Yet another section gives English terms for the Latin College Semester abbreviations: Hiem = Hiemps (Winter); Æst = Æstiva (Summer) and Vern = Verna (Spring).

Selected Entires

DENNISON, JOHN, Siz. (Mr Balantine, Co. Tyrone), May 26th, 1733,
aged 19; s. of JAMES; b. Co. Tyrone. Sch 1735, B.A. Vern. 1737. M.A. Æst 1740.

In the Addenda and Corrigenda, on p.136 appears the following:
p.224 For John Dennison read Denniston

This tells us that John Denniston, the son of a James Denniston who was born in Co. Tyrone and taught by a Mr Balantine, entered TCD as a Sizar on 26/5/1733. He was then 19 years old (or would be at his next Birthday). He became a Scholar in 1735 and was awarded a B.A. degree in the Spring Commencements in 1737. He was awarded an M.A. in the summer of 1740. James' occupation is not given.

DENISTON, ROBERT THOMAS, Pen. (Mr Trimble), Jan 14, 1856,
aged 25; s. of JAMES, Private Gent.; b. Longford. B.A. Hiem. 1859. M.A. Æst 1868.

Robert Thomas Deniston, the son of a James Deniston who was born in Co. Longford and taught by a Mr Trimble, entered TCD as a Pensioner on 14/1/1856. He was then 25 years old. He was awarded a B.A. degree in the Winter Commencements in 1859 and an M.A. in the summer of 1868.


DENISTON, ROBERT WILLIAM (no other information)

These last two entries appear in Appendix A (see above)

WILDER, THEAKER, Pen. (Dr Elwood), July 8, 1734,
aged 17; s. of MATTHEW, Generosus; b. Co. Longford.
Sch 1736, B.A. Vern. 1738. M.A. Æst 1748. D.D. Æst 1753.
Donegal Lecturer 1759. Regius Professor of Greek 1761.
[Rector of Tullyaughnish 1769; died 1777]. See Allibone

This tells us that Wilder's teacher was a Dr. Elwood, that his father was a Gentleman. It also shows that he was a contemporary of John Denniston. The reference at the end to "Allibone" refers to "Dictionary of British and American Authors", Philadelphia, 1859 by S.A. Allibone

Other WILDERS in the same section:


WILDER, MATTHEW, S.C. (Dr Pack), Jan. 3, 1825,
aged 18; s. of JOHN, defunctus; b. Longford.

"defunctus" means deceased.

WILDER, MATTHEW, Pen. (Mr Farrell), Apr 1, 1790,
aged 15; s. of MATTHEW, Generosus; b. Co. Longford.


WILDER, STUART, Pen. (Mr Blackhall, Dublin), April 7, 1718,
aged 18; s. of MATTHEW, Generosus; b. Castle Wilder. B.A. Vern. 1722.


WILDER, WILLIAM, Pen. (Mr Griffin, Elphin), May 6, 1712,
aged 16; s. of MATTHEW, Generosus; b. Castle Wilder, Co. Longford.
B.A. Æst 1716. [Irish Bar 1726].