Dan Wilson's Letter

Postmark: Baltimore, MD, USA, October 20th, 1987
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October 16, 1987

Manus Dennison
County Donegal, Ireland

Mrs M. Lavin
25-54 46th Street
Astoria, New York 11103

Dear May and Manus:

I am writing you both the same letter although you will probably read it 3000 miles apart. The information enclosed will be of mutual interest.

We were delighted to hear from May of course, and look forward to hearing from the Dennisons in more detail. I took the liberty of peeking in the front window the day I left the note in Carrigart. You are a fine looking family from what I could see of the pictures. You also have a lovely home. Sorry we missed you then, but I certainly hope we will get together.

Let me tell you what I know about Aifric Dennison and what has come to pass of her children and descendents,

I believe Aifric was a nurse in Philadelphia. She met and married Thomas K. Wilson of Atlantic City, whose parents (Robert B. Wilson and Mary Kelly) owned and operated a small hotel on Pacific Avenue along with a small milk delivery business.

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They took over the businesses after his parents died and the dairy began to grow. Aifric gave birth to three sons, Thomas K. Jr. (my father), George E. and William (my uncles). When my father was 16 years old, his father died. Dad was forced to quit school (he did graduate from Atlantic City High School) and help his mother with the dairy.

Aifric was a tough (but admired and respected) business woman who moved the dairy on successfully. My dad followed in her footsteps expanding the dairy even further.